Customer Support

Question: How do I contact Bullet Club Support?
Answer: For questions please use the Contact Us form. Support Representatives are available 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm Eastern time.


Question: How long is a membership?
Answer: Paid memberships are an annual term. After one year you'll need to purchase a new membership package to remain a member.
Question: When will the 2018/2019 gifts ship that I have recently purchased as part of the Bullet Club membership package?
Answer: If you recently purchased one of the 2018/19 Bullet Club packages: "3D" Commemorative Ticket and/or Bullet Club Tees. We are ordering more inventory and expect to be shipping packages again in August.


Question: Who can participate in this ticket pre-sale for the Bob Seger tour? Is this for Bullet Club members only?
Answer: A number of tickets have been held exclusively for Bullet Club members for each show. The Bullet Club pre-sale gives you first 'access' to tickets, but does NOT guarantee you will be able to purchase tickets.
Question: I used to have a paid membership to the Bullet Club, but it has since expired, how do I participate in the pre-sales?
Answer: Log in to the Bullet Club, then select one of the new Bullet Club packages, then complete your transaction in the store. Once complete, you will be able to participate in the pre-sales
Question: Where can I find my unique presale access code?
Answer: Your presale code will be sent to your email before the presales begin. You can also find your code on the Tour page in advance of the presale when you are logged in as a member.
Question: What is the ticket limit?
Answer: 4 presale tickets per membership are allowed for the duration of the ROLL ME AWAY FINAL TOUR. If a member purchased for a show that went onsale prior to September 2018, their code has been reset and they have been able to purchase 4 total tickets per code for the ROLL ME AWAY FINAL TOUR. This is an effort to manage inventory and ensure as many fans as possible are able to purchase.

We understand people are interested in purchasing tickets for multiple shows in a select city or across cities throughout the tour. If the original purchaser has exhausted their 4 ticket presale code limit in their membership year, we recommend having another person planning to attend purchase the membership and tickets.

In the spirit of the fan club one person can have one membership. If we receive reports of abuse we reserve the right to shut down their membership and cancel their tickets.